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My New Album

Check out my sophomore album The Awakening as La La Musiq in Dallas, Texas. My inspiration comes from the holy scriptures and you can hear and feel it in every song!  May it bring edification to people across the world.

Available Now!!!

Listen to New Songs


New Single "Dim My Light"

Check out the latest new single from La La Musiq that is available now!  May this song uplift and inspire many to go for their dreams!

Available Now!!!


New Single "His Love"

Check out the latest collaboration with La La Musiq featuring The Multitude of Christ Ministry, Inc that is available now!  This is an amazing song that will hopefully touch the hearts of many.

Available Now!!!

Set Apart Album

Listen to my award winning album as La La Musiq in Dallas, Texas. Through lyrics and melodies, I hope to inspire my listeners worldwide as they go through their spiritual journeys.

Available Now!!!

Israelite Artist
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